• Professional speakers are invited to speak on different topics in workshops. Topics include: physical and mental health, medical, legal and financial issues, and other different interests such as travel, photography, tea, calligraphy, bonsai and many others. Workshops conducted in Cantonese, with Mandarin translation.


Chat Room

  • Chat Room provides relaxing and practical activities, organized by experienced staff members of the Yee Hong Education and Resource Centre. Bring your own lunch and spend an hour and half relaxing while enjoying your meal.

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Tai Chi

  • Instructor is the recipient of many awards in Canadian and international Tai Chi competitions. Yang’s 24 and 42 styles are being taught. Exercising Tai Chi gives us strengths and flexibility, both physically and emotionally.

  • Instructor - Artis Chan

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Praise Dance

  • Praise Dance is an aerobic exercise that moves and stretches the whole body with music. It helps in strengthening our heart muscles, and increasing flexibility of our joints.

  • Instructor - Evelyne Ng

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  • Baduanjin is a set of movements which are simple, easy to learn and very beneficial to our health. The full set of movements consists of a total of 8 general movements. Every detail of each of the movements exercises our nerve system, so that the entire body is well lubricated and runs smoothly.

  • Instructor - Stella Ng


Line Dance

  • The instructor has over 10 years of experience in teaching line dance classes in different communities and churches. Basic dance steps and movements with focus on footwork and rhythm are taught. All who are interested are welcome (regardless of levels).

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Fitness Line Dance

  • Classes led by instructor with more than 10 years of teaching experience in line dances. Classes instructed in Mandarin.

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Brain health

  • Brain Health Dance class is instructed by professional and experienced teachers from the Brain Beat Dance Canada Seniors Association. Different props are used in the dance coordinated with music and rap, including sitting and standing movements. These movements exercise the brain and enhance flexibility of our hands and feet for better health.


Ping Pong Games

  • All who are interested in playing Ping Pong games are welcome. Let us exercise together and also learn from each other.

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Basketball & Ball games

  • Basketball and various types of ball games are offered. All are welcome.

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Share & Care (Men’s group)

  • This activity is tailored-made for men. Through different topics, they would come together and discuss current issues, religions, share personal expertise and interests, or their pain, joy and worries throughout life’s many challenges. Please come to care for and support each other.

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ESL Class

  • Three levels of ESL classes are offered: L1, L2, L3 as well as an ‘English conversation’ class. People with different levels of the English language are welcome.

  • Instructor - Karen Wong

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Chinese Calligraphy class

  • The class instructor, an enthusiast of Chinese culture, is a founding member of the Hong Kong Calligraphy Society and his works are always


Knitting Club

  • Participants learn different knitting skills to make different products, such as vests, cardigans, scarfs and many others. Participants encourage, support, learn from each other and also appreciate others’ works.

  • Instructor - Grace Wong

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Paper Art Class

  • The skills of how to turn used paper into various works of art, such as lifelike animals, ornaments and practical household items, are taught in the class. This further helps in training of a sharp mind and enjoying the process of creativity. It is also a joy to appreciate the finished products. At the same time we are supporting the environment by re-using paper.

  • Instructor - Stephen and Christina Lee


Sing along

  • Program instructor is well trained in music and very experienced in teaching. Contents include gospel Cantonese opera songs, Chinese oldies and folk hits, and many others.

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Cooking Class

  • Culinary skills for various delicious dishes of oriental and western backgrounds are demonstrated by experienced instructors. Participants would actually enjoy the dishes made from the demonstration before class ends.

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Enquiry about class cancellation, please check email or call NYCBC-Community Services at 416-223-3121 ext. 8801.  

** Notice will be posted on Wednesday night before 8 pm.