2016 May - Sharing from Ba Duan Jin INSTRUCTOR - Stella Ng

Ba Duan Jin is a set of excellent Chinese traditional health care movements. The movements are beautiful, smooth, simple, and easy to learn, resulting with significant improvements to people’s health. The ancient folks used the word brocade, ‘Jin’, to describe the exercise.  The full set of movements consists of eight general movements, and that is why it is named "Ba Duan Jin." (8 sets of brocades). The entire set of movements is gentle, continual, and free flowing. These movements can be relaxing or gripping, can be slow or fast, as they help in the body’s blood circulation. Every detail of each of the movements exercises our nerve system, so that the entire system will run smoothly and is well lubricated. When the postures are performed correctly, you can actually feel the blood flowing through to the tips of your fingers and toes, bringing to the body a sensation of ‘warmth’ with ‘slightly sweating’.   

I have been a volunteer in the North York Chinese Baptist Church for over two years now. Together with other students, we practice Ba Duan Jin every Thursday morning. It is such a pleasure to see how each student eagerly and seriously practice the movements, and enjoying every moment of it! I hope that the students will preserver and continue to practice, so that we will all build up our health and live each and every day more abundantly and more wonderfully!

May God continue to bless North York Chinese Baptist Church so that it becomes a spiritual home for more people. May the body, mind and spirit of everyone who come to this church be taken care of by our heavenly Father.

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