2017 Jul - Sharing from Praise Dance & Line Dance Classes member

Remembering when I first joined the ranks of ‘early retirees’, I was both joyous and anxious. I have never stopped working my entire adult life, I was a workaholic. I wondered, how would I be able to fill my day after retirement? I was really confused! Later, I learned from a friend that NYCBC has a variety of programs every Thursday for us ‘prime timers’. I still remember the first time when I stepped into the church to register for this program, a sister showed her sincere caring by leading me through. Although I was a stranger, I felt very comfortable and peaceful inside. Not only am I grateful for the arrangements by the church and the participation of brothers and sisters, I also deeply admire and appreciate the professional instructors and their unconditional care for us so that we can have opportunities to exercise and gain new knowledge with great joy. Praise dance is my favorite activity. The instructor provides us with lively yet simple movements, accompanied by music with words of God. Every time I do praise dance, I feel like I am at home having an intimate relationship with God. I truly feel His love and presence

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