2017 Jul - Sharing from Tai Chi Class & Knitting Club member

I never thought that I would be going to a church. I didn’t even know NYCBC existed although I live very close to it. By chance, I started coming to their Thursday's community service programs and participated in Tai Chi and knitting classes. This allows me to learn things that I have never known before. Our Tai Chi instructors are very attentive in correcting the postures and moves of all the learners. They take the trouble to repeatedly demonstrate the movements and take care of new participants. They guide and encourage everyone to exercise at all times. There are two very experienced instructors in the knitting class. We not only learn skills from them, we also learn from them important life philosophy such as persistence and perseverance to keep on completing the knitting projects at hand. We also learn how to better manage our time, so that we live a balanced life between working and relaxing.

One of the greatest benefits of joining community service activities is a chance to meet a group of Christian friends. They help me to know God. I learned to read the Bible to gain a better understanding of God's Word. In order to learn more about the biblical truths, I also join the Church’s women Bible study group. I have decided to become a Christian and hope to be baptized in NYCBC in the future. I am convinced that this chance is given to me by God. I want to thank Him for bringing me great joy and peace. 

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