2018 Jul - Sharing from Praise Dance Class member

I have been in Canada for a few years now, and I am really grateful for what I have received. Looking back, I had a very difficult time adjusting in the beginning. The life style here was too quiet, it was not vibrant at all. There were no places for people to mingle with others. Our daily activities were routine and boring! 

It was during this lonely time that a friend invited me to the Community Services of NYCBC.  I was attracted immediately when I first arrived and felt at home seeing the smiling faces of the people here. Their friendliness and kindness made me feel welcome! I joined the Praise Dance Class right away. 

After a year's practice and under the patient and detailed instruction of the teacher, I not only feel fit, but also made lots of friends. It is really great! I am grateful that the Church has given us this opportunity to learn and keep fit with a comfortable environment and very comprehensive services.

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