2018 Jul - Sharing from Tai Chi Class / Baduanjin Class member

I have been participating in the North York (Chinese) Baptist Church Community activities for over three years. I am a very serious person and actually spent time observing two classes before deciding to join. The classes are well organized and very orderly. The venue is spacious and clean, making every participant feel welcome and comfortable. I respect the teachers very much because they are all highly skilled, whether they are teaching Baduanjin or Tai Chi. Furthermore, they take great care in teaching, giving clear instructions and showing no partiality. They patiently correct students’ gestures, movements and pace. I benefited a lot here. I used to have pain problems with my hands. Acupunctures and massages did not help. However, with the Baduanjin exercises, this problem was resolved.  

Every Thursday, I arrive at the Church 30 minutes before class and get ready to enjoy the day. Unfortunately, for various reasons, some students fail to come on time, affecting the flow of the class. As a participant, I hope that everyone will cherish the excellent services that the Church provides by practicing diligently at home, so that we can all maximize the benefits from the Baduanjin class and the Tai Chi class. Hopefully, the careful teaching from the instructors would not be wasted.   

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