2019 Apr - Sharing from Member

Stella and I joined NYCBC community activities since its inception five years ago. This was our first experience after retirement to participate in such activities. Every Thursday, we have workshops on different topics. Apart from that, we have different exercise and interest classes. All these activities are run by volunteers who devote their time and energy with full enthusiasm and utmost effort to fulfill their duties with no compensation. All the members here strongly agree that these instructors should be highly respected and saluted. People here treat each other like brothers and sisters in a big family. Anyone with sickness, ill health, personal or family problems will immediately receive attention with counsels, care, and prayers. Throughout these five years, Stella and I have benefited from the community services of NYCBC with great improvement in health as well as gaining abundant knowledge in life, history, current affairs, and especially in the understanding of how to read Bible.

John Siu & Stella Chan   

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