2019 Apr - Sharing from Member

It has been more than four years since we participated in the Baduanjin exercise class. I recall that originally, we just wanted to take the opportunity to do some exercise and never expected the community activities offered by a church to be so lively and diverse. We have many different activities every week from Tuesday to Sunday, as well as special workshops on Thursdays to share different types of information to people of various ages and stages in life. All of these involves a lot of manpower and resources. You can imagine that for a non-profit organization, much professional talent and dedicated volunteers are needed to plan and organize these activities and to fulfill the mission of the church to the community. The joy of serving and sacrificial love is demonstrated by this group of people. Positive witnessing has been made to many people who do not know Christ. I hope that the angels of NYCBC will continue to have the love and the strength needed, so that more friends of the community will come to know the goodness and love of the Lord Jesus and receive blessings from the Lord.

Anthony Hong & Agnes Mao

Web Admin NYCBC