2017 Nov - Message from Ministry Group Leader Maye Wong

The first ever picnic organized by Community Services was held on August 3rd.  It was a clear day and  the sky was blue, surely an ideal weather for picnics. I recalled that it was pouring cats and dogs just a couple of days before. I was worried, thinking about the possibility that we might have to follow plan B, a picnic inside the church building! Thanks to the Lord, He gave us perfect weather on that day! 

After more than two months of hard work in preparation, the organizing committee planned and carried out a perfect event. Firstly, our Tai Chi instructor led more than 100 participants together in the exercise, it was quite a spectacular sight. Then the Baduanjin instructor led us to do some dances, training our hands and feet coordination. Afterwards we had group games, brain teasing activities, riddles and quizzes, showing how knowledgeable and smart our members were! Flexibility, witty quick actions and a high degree of team spirit were demonstrated! 

The lunch served was very well-received. The Food Preparation Group presented a freshly baked piping hot chicken leg as the main course, accompanied with vegetables, apple salad, corn and dessert. Everyone enjoyed this delicious meal. After lunch, it was free time, people were dancing, singing, chit chatting etc. ... we all had lots of fun!

Thanks to our Heavenly Father for His provisions and grace. The event was very successfully and smoothly run. Everyone's face was lit up with vitality and big grins. Despite people’s age, they all are still very energetic. Strong friendship and love were shown among all. Everyone put their best effort forward, helped each other, including providing car rides, leading games, handling food, distributing lunches, etc. After the event was over, a set of slides including all the photos and videos was produced, so that people could watch and remember the fun activities.  I was very pleased when I saw that everyone was working hard towards the same goal, united in spirit, supporting each other and participating together, just like a big family. I thank the Lord for His leading and protection for the development of Community Services. The cooperation, interactions and care for each other, as well as  the living witnessing demonstrated by brothers and sisters to lead the unbelieving friends in knowing about Christ, are all intertwined into a beautiful picture shining in our local community.

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