2019 Sep - Sharing from Praise Dance Class Member

When I first came to North York (Chinese) Baptist Church, I was very impressed. The people here are kind and friendly, making a person like me, who gets to be anxious very easily, feel relaxed and comfortable. Workshops have diverse topics and more than ten interest classes are offered. I take part in the Praise Dance Class. The instructor cares for and encourages classmates to practice the movements of the body, hands and feet. We exercise in a relaxed environment.

The workers also informed me about an interest class for men, which I thought would be suitable for my husband to join. After going home and with some strong persuasions, he accepted the invitation. Initially, I was worried that he might not like it and would only try it once or twice, then come up with an excuse to quit the group. But it turned out that he got along well with the instructor and group members. They care for each other. I was relieved and happy. Now we can participate in different interest classes.  

I am even more pleased that under the leadership of the pastors, my husband and I decided to believe in the Lord in 2018. We are now going to Church worship frequently. Although life still has a lot of ups and downs, I feel at peace inside my heart!

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