2019 Sep - Message from Pastor Brian Wong

North York (Chinese) Baptist Church Community Service has always been committed to serving the community. We hope that we are not only helping our neighbors build up their physical health, but also their spiritual lives. Therefore, we take a well-rounded approach to help put these commitments and goals into practice. Various physical exercises and activities, workshops with special topics and interest classes are offered every Thursday. In order to pay attention to the spiritual health of the community, the pastor has also arranged a “Faith Seeking” lunch gathering on the first Thursday of each month. Every member will bring a simple lunch and we would discuss our faith in a casual and relaxed manner.

Along the way, we have met some members who are willing to seek the faith. After some time, some of them desire to go deeper to learn more about Christianity. The pastor of Community Service started a "New Life" gospel Bible study meeting for these people. A new life is like a young plant, which is to be planted by a stream of water in order for it to grow well. The Bible is the stream of living water, providing an indispensable source for growth of the spiritual life. During its growth, the plant also needs to be transformed. Transformation is “renewal and replacement”, which means that we are able to make wise choices. By learning more about our Creator, connecting with Him, and practicing the teachings of the Bible, our lives are renewed and transformed, and our spiritual health is built up.

After about a year, the people who participated in the "New Life" Bible study meeting not only deepened their friendships with each other, but their understanding of what new life means is also increased. Through studying the Bible together, and encouraging each other, their spiritual lives have grown gradually. When one understands more about himself through the Bible, he would know more about the One who created the heavens and the earth. Their lives would be renewed as they learn to live with new values. A new life is one which is centered on God, letting Him be the Lord of our lives.  Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life." Only through the Way of knowing the Truth can we have new life.

We sincerely invite anyone who is willing to pursue the faith to participate in our monthly lunch meeting to start exploring the faith. Perhaps you will be inspired to understand the mystery of truth and receive the greatest gift to mankind from our Lord Jesus, which is eternal life!

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